Aviles Real Estate Brokerage offers Homes & Condo Management in a very simple, comprehensive and affordable way.​​

Property Management Services & Fees.

  1. Advertise the property
  2. Screen all tenants
  3. Complete all rental agreements
  4. Supervise all repair work
  5. Make property rent ready upon a vacancy
  6. Provide monthly and annual accounting statements to Landlords
  7. Deposit funds to owner accounts
  8. Take photos of the property
  9. Advertise the property, screen all the tenants, and execute all the rental agreements
  10. Supervise any repair work and or cleaning done at the property
  11. Make the property rent ready upon any vacancy
  12. Provide monthly owner accounting statements
  13. Bilingual staff (English/Spanish)


Full and proper screening of an applicant’s credit, criminal history, rental history and ability to pay. 


Lease or accepting rent using legal documents that are approved for our area and state. 


Remediation & mitigation related to maintenance issues, within a budget with prior consent from the property owner.

Accounting Services

Maintaining all records for tax & legal purposes.

Full Service Company

As a full-service management company, we understand that sometimes the owner chooses to self-manage their property. We offer a “Lease Only” service for a flat fee for Residential.

For prompt and complete service please fill out the web form on this page and a member of our management team will be in touch.

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